Monday, July 12, 2010

Okay so...

I guess I'm about as good at keeping up with this blog as people would have predicted, but IT'S NOT MY FAULT! Not only does the program keep us busy, but so do my teachers and my new friends. therefore, it's time for another photo essay for the highlights:

First, some pictures around the apartment:

The double bed that had to be created when we discovered we would be living in a matchbox.

The tiniest kitchen I ever did see.

And finally our cute little living room and our even cuter roommates;
Clockwise from left: Tara, Lizzie, Susie, Ashley D., Ashley C., Kristen.

Next, a school-sponsored trip to the Communist Museum. Something to finally put a picture to the very scary stories we had been learning about.

A day spent paddle-boating in the Vltava River:

A trip to Terezin, the only Concentration Camp in the Czech Republic

"Work Makes You Free"

A 'Bloch' artist of the Terezin Ghetto

Outside the crematorium

And that was week one, in short. Lots and lots of powerful stuff, some more than others, but even though it can get a bit morbid at times, I am really thankful they are exposing us to this, right where it actually happened.

Happier notes next time with a Vienna post :)

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